1. Risotto meets Saké: An Exercise in Openness

Who am I? Who should I be?

To find out who we are, who we could become, and what goals we should strive toward, we will engage with a variety of different perspectives. For this we must open up our individual selves and be ready to connect with the larger reality and its many facets.

Ancient Greek philosophy / Japanese Zen Buddhism

2. Cooking with Commitment: Initiating Change

How do I make a difference in the world?

We all exist in relation with one another and in connection to our surroundings. Real change happens by changing these relationships. We begin by attending to our values, intentions, and actions, and by realising our interrelated existence.

Zen Buddhism

3. Humanity in One Pot: Encountering Religion

How do I engage with religious worldviews?

Through open dialogue we can overcome prejudice and find better ways of relating to each other. By discussing our worldviews and values we form deeper connections. We consider how Islam’s central principles and practices could benefit us and our communities.

Islamic Philosophy

4. The Art of Not Stirring: Moving in Harmony

How do I achieve my own goals within a larger context?

To act meaningfully, it is important to know if, how, and when to intervene with the flow of things. We learn about being in harmony with each situation and about the concept of 'non-action', which allows us, paradoxically, to act more effectively.

Chinese Daoism

5. Tasting Qualities: Doing Beyond Ego

How do I practice change?

Instead of blindly clinging to our feelings, ideas, and identities, we learn to perceive the underlying qualities of all things. By seeing things for what they really are, we can enhance the quality of our actions and transform the world and ourselves.

Indian Buddhism

6. You Are What You Eat: Engaging with Difference

Why do I need people different from me?

 "A person is a person through other people." When we embrace our differences and are open to learn from each other, we can create enriching encounters for ourselves and others. By realizing our shared humanity, we come to an understanding and resolve our conflicts.

African Ubuntu

7. Persian Balance: Finding a New Language

How can I better connect with others ?

To be able to truly connect with each other, we begin to rethink the language and categories we use everyday. By becoming aware of the reductionism of our labels and our notion of 'truth', we can develop more nuanced ways of thinking and of relating to each other.

Contemporary Western Philosophy