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A tasty encounter with ideas from across the globe 

Co-created by 

7 young adults &

7 philosophers

Food & Philosophy

In the TV series and book Food for Thought, 7 young people start a dialogue with 7 philosophers. As food is simply the best way to connect with one another, we cook and eat together while reflecting on crucial life questions. By bringing philosophy into the kitchen we put theory into practice: we taste and chew on new ideas, apply different concepts, and inspire each other.

How can philosophy help us in daily life?

The 7 philosophers are expert thinkers in various global traditions of thought. Together we explore different ways of thinking to find solutions for our most pressing issues. How do we navigate this complex and ever-changing world? What can we do to change the state of it?
And where to even begin looking for answers?

Cook, dine, and discuss with us!

In Food for Thought we dive beneath the surface of our conventional way of thinking. Taking dialogue as a starting point, we challenge each other to try on different views and enrich our own perspectives.
Join the community and 
think with us! 


Recent News

Oct 2, 2020

The Food for Thought Book is sold out in stores and online! 

A few copies are still available to order directly

Sep 2, 2020

Food for Thought is now back on Dutch TV! Every Sunday in September on NPO2.

Jun 8, 2020

Streaming platforms OVID and Docuseek are now showing Food for Thought in the United States!

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