is Assistant professor of philosophy, honours director, and tutor at University College Utrecht (Utrecht University). She was born in Genova, Italy where she studied philosophy, and later obtained her PhD in Classics at the University of Leiden. Chiara's research focuses on cross-cultural and comparative philosophy, including comparisons between ancient Greek, Indian and Japanese thinking. In 2019, Robbiano was a visiting professor at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

In 2023 Chiara Robbinao and Sarah Flavel released 'Key Concepts in World Philosophies'. It brings together the 45 core ideas associated with major Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, African, Ancient Greek, Indigenous and modern European philosophers. The book also contains contributions from fellow Food for Thought philosophers Michael Eze, Peter D. Hershock, and Hadeer Abo El Nagah.

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Article: 'New book on world philosophies by Dr Chiara Robbiano' (Utrecht University,


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